18 Places in Your Home You Forgot to Clean

18 Places in Your Home You Forgot to Clean

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of a clean home. In some ways having a clean home is the equivalent of a long, hot shower.   You can’t help but feel satisfied and cleaned with your sanctuary. You’ve put in hours of hard work. You’ve cleaned every square inch of your house. Or have you?

All of us give our homes the best and most thorough clean possible but we still miss a few areas of our home. The germs run to these hidden areas that have become their sanctuary. Until one day, you found a checklist of germ havens. Before the germs knew it, there you were armed to the kilt in your cleaning weapons.   Once again you won the battle in having a clean and germ-free home. Below is a list of some of those germ sanctuaries:

Mop head

Your mop is responsible for keeping your floors clean and germ free. After several uses it goes from white to grey or brown. Giving your mop head a good clean in the washing machine or a soak in oxygen bleach will go a long way in keeping germs at bay while looking after your trusty mop.   If the strings are pulling out or your mop is looking ragged it may be time to retire it for a new mop.

Kitchen sink

Open up your cupboard under your kitchen sink and remove all the items. Go through your items and throw away anything that is broken, old, and irrelevant. Wipe down your cupboard with warm water and detergent or vinegar. Neatly pack your cupboard with the remainder of your items.

Now is the time to tackle your sink drain. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. After thirty minutes or so pour a cup of vinegar down. The chemistry of baking soda and vinegar will break down any stubborn food and grease. Rinse your drain by running hot water for a few minutes.

Wipe down the sink making sure it is grime free and shiny. Voila, a clean and fresh kitchen sink.


Sponges and cloths

Sponges and cloths can house a lot of germs if you are not careful. Make sure that your cloths and sponges are rinsed thoroughly after use. Air them out to dry. Throw away any old cloths or sponges. Finally, pop your cloths or sponges into the microwave for a few seconds to kill off any germs.


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Ceiling fans

Your ceiling fans should be the first thing that you clean. Why? To keep dust from landing on your newly cleaned surfaces and household items. As with everything, use warm water, detergent or vinegar, and a cloth to wipe down your fans.   You may want to use a step ladder to reach your ceiling fan. If it has been a while since you last looked at your ceiling fan you may want to wear a dust mask to keep any dust allergies at bay.

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Light switches

Light switches start off beautifully clean before brown marks accumulate all over.   Before you know it, you are looking at your light switch wondering in bewilderment how long it has been since it last got cleaned. Grab a damp sponge or cloth. Go through every room in your house and wipe down all the light switches both on the walls and on your lamps.

Computer keyboards

Apparently computer keyboards host more germs than we realize. Although we give our keyboards a quick wipe over, they often need a once a month deep clean. Sit down at your computer and gently wipe down each key on your keyboard. Go around the edges not just the top section.   Use some compressed air to blow out bits of dirt and dust that are stuck or hard to reach.

Remote controls

Remote controls often build up grime and dirt. To clean your remote controls, grab a cotton bud, some rubbing alcohol, and a damp cloth with disinfectant. Wipe down your remote. Take a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean between the buttons of your remote.


Your floor gets a regular perhaps even daily sweep, vacuum, or mop while the baseboards get left unnoticed. The old saying out of sight out of mind comes to mind when I think of baseboards. However, they do need a clean after a couple months and they are easy to clean. You will need your own homemade detergent (I like to use vinegar diluted in warm water. Don’t worry your home wont smell of vinegar plus it is cheaper than household detergents). You can also use your preferred home detergent. Grab a cloth or sponge. Gently wipe along your baseboards stopping to apply pressure to the stubborn spots.

To clean your baseboards regularly, run your mop over them whenever you mop your floor or once a week. This is a quick and efficient way to maintain your baseboards without taking up much time or energy.

Behind and under the fridge

Cleaning under and behind your fridge is not a chore that has to be done regularly.   You can do this chore every couple of months but no more than every six months. Pull your fridge gently away from the wall. Vacuum the dirt and dust on the floor. Using hot water and vinegar, wipe down the wall behind your fridge, the back of the fridge, and the floor. When it is dry push your fridge back to its original place.

Curtains and their rails

Curtains are not high maintenance; they are just heavy and bulky. Once a year, I like to wash my curtains in the washing machine. When they have completed their wash, I hang my curtains back up to dry. The weight of the curtain and gravity work together to rid my curtains of any wrinkles allowing me to avoid the chore of ironing curtains. While I’m at it, I take a damp cloth over my curtain rails to remove any dust build-up.

Knobs and handles

Go through your house and wipe down all the handles and knobs. This includes door knobs and cupboard handles.

Kitchen appliances

Personally, I like to clean my kitchen appliances thoroughly once a week. I wipe down the outside of my appliances and use a dry cloth to dry them. I find this helps give them a clean shine instead of water splash marks. I then move onto cleaning the inside of my appliances:

For the toaster, remove the bottom tray of your toaster to throw out all the residual crumbs. Give it a wipe and replace.

For the microwave, using detergent and hot water, wipe down all the sides of the microwave to remove grease splatters and other splashes. Don’t forget to wash the microwave tray.

For the fridge, remove all the items in your fridge and clean each shelf and drawer thoroughly. Dry and replace your fridge doors. Wipe down jam jars and other containers as you place them back in your fridge. Once a year, defrost your freezer and give it a good clean.

For the stove:   Spray the inside of your oven with an oven cleaner which will help break down the grease build up. While the oven cleaner soaks into your oven, take a cloth, hot water and detergent and wipe down the stove. If you have an electric oven, work at the stubborn areas and generally wipe down the surface of your stove. If you use a gas oven, remove the grates and gas plates, wipe down everywhere possible. Replace and return to your oven. Wash the inside of your oven and the oven racks. To keep your stove and oven easy to clean, I recommend cleaning your stove regularly and your oven twice a month.

Under the carpets and rugs

Regularly lift your rugs to vacuum the dust and debris collected underneath. If you have rooms that are carpeted, arrange for your carpets to be deep cleaned by professionals twice a year or the very least annually.


Every three months clean your vents. Clean vents will help ensure that the air in your home is dust free and clean. If you have a dishwasher, you can place your vents for a quick wash in your dishwasher. Alternatively, you can use a sponge or cloth with some detergent and hot water (or vinegar) and manually clean the vents.


Whether you have blinds or curtains, a clean window is beautiful to look out of. Clean the window glass with detergent making sure all the grime and smudges are removed. Wipe down the windowsills with detergent and a damp cloth. If your windows have burglar bars wipe them down while you clean your windows.

Picture frames

Although picture frames may feel the gentle touch of the duster, they do need a little bit more TLC every now and then. I remember a few summers back, the flies in our area were ten to the dozen.   I did some research on deterring flies and other pests away from my house. I stumbled upon another benefit of using vinegar as a detergent. I took all my picture frames down and using hot water and vinegar I soaked my picture frames for roughly ten minutes. I can’t guarantee that it helped however, my picture frames were well cleaned and it only took a few minutes of my time.


Ideally, you want to rotate your mattress every six months or so. This can be a heavy task so you may need to enlist a helping hand or two. Before you flip your mattress, sprinkle some baking soda over your mattress. This will absorb any odours. After a few minutes run your vacuum over your mattress. Flip your mattress. Remember to flip your mattress top down once a year – this will help keep your mattress even preventing unevenness.


A dishwasher is a household’s best friends. It often takes on the role of peace keeper when it comes to washing dishes and having a clean kitchen. For the most part, the dishwasher doesn’t require much attention but a good clean every couple of months is always great. I usually find that my dishwasher stops cleaning thoroughly after a couple of months. At this point, I know I need to make sure any build-up of dirt or garbage has been removed from the base of my dishwasher. Once I have cleared any excess dirt, I allow my dishwasher to run a full cycle while empty. Dishwasher salts come in handy for these empty cycles. Check your dishwasher maintenance requirements to see if you need to use dishwasher salts to help clean your dishwasher.


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