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Experience in the business is our main asset

Our team consists of experienced cleaning service professionals who will give you a personalized experience and leave you with a clean home and more time on your hands. Every cleaner we work with is friendly, approachable and ready to give their best when cleaning your Dublin home.

We give you convenience, flexibility and a customer service that puts your needs first. We just love seeing how what we do makes a difference in your home and your home life.

It’s really simple.







We’re only happy if you’re happy

As a premium cleaning service, we strive to give you a service that you will be fully satisfied with. But if we do miss a spot, please give us a call right away so we can fix what we missed as soon as possible. We do our best to handle and resolve all complaints within 48 hours of receiving them. We are also at your disposal for any other feedback you may have for us as part of our ongoing service improvement efforts.

Earning your trust is our reward

I hired Olentangy Maids last second to clean my house before my family came for the weekend. The lady who answered the phone, I think Roxanne, was helpful in helping me with a quote. I was surprised they had such short notice availability! I went with the Deep Clean service and I’m glad I did. The two ladies they sent gave me a call before they came and were pleasantly friendly. Before they finished cleaning they asked me to check their work over before they left in case anything needed to be redone. They did a seriously thorough clean in only a couple of hours!

Wolfe B.

After doing a lot of calling around I decided to book! My mom lives in Columbus, OH and from my last visit I knew she needed a bit of help taking care of her house. I really liked that they background check their cleaners. It was easier to sell my mom an established company rather than some fly by night individual who could be risky. Since I’m paying for the service it’s also convenient to have the recurring payment just go to my credit card. The same two ladies always clean and I know she really enjoys their work. They did her move out clean as well as the move in clean to her new condo. Thank you Debbie and Elise!

Carmen S.

OK I’m really happy with these guys so far. I live downtown and wanted someone to come twice a month while I was at work. After using a few cleaning services in Columbus, I’m sticking with these guys for their ease of use. I can pay, manage my appointments, and give feedback all online. Every time I come home everything looks great! No complaints here.

Mike H.

House cleaning in Dublin, Ohio:

we get the results you want

Your home can be spotless every day with our peerless maids at your beck and call.

Frequently asked questions

Why hire a maid service in Dublin, Ohio?

It seems pretty straightforward: you hate cleaning and you’d rather spend your free time doing things you actually enjoy. But there are other reasons to delegate house cleaning to Dublin professionals. For instance:

  • A clean home is conducive to a stress-free environment. It’s no rocket science: being surrounded with dust and mess can make anyone irritable. What’s more, if you need to take your work home from time to time, a home that’s clean and tidy will give you a productive work atmosphere.
  • Clean equals safe and wholesome. Using green products to clean your home is not only good for the planet, but also for the health and safety of you and those you love, especially if you have allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Better quality of life. Whether you prefer to spend your free time on your own with a good book, binge-watching your favorite TV show or having people over, not having to clean your home beforehand will leave you more energized.

When should I hire a maid?

If you think that you are wasting too much of what little free time you have cleaning the house and you feel like you have too much on your plate as it is, it’s definitely time to hire a maid. A maid can clean your home thoroughly and disinfect it without putting the health and safety of you, your loved ones and your pets at risk. And then there are various local events you don’t want to miss, like the Dublin Irish Festival, the pride and joy of Dublin, Ohio.

How often should I have professional cleaners come in?

How frequently you need to have your home cleaned by a professional crew depends on many factors: size and type of your home, number of household members, etc. It also depends on how much free time you have, how much time you spend cleaning, whether other household members are willing to pitch in and help you clean.

We’ll help you work out the optimal cleaning schedule for your needs. For most homes, a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule is the ideal arrangement. We will follow a cleaning checklist to make sure every nook and cranny of your home is given care and attention.

How do maids clean so fast?

When you hire Olentangy Maids to handle all your house cleaning in Dublin, Ohio, you expect to get your money’s worth: a clean home in a small amount of time. But how do professional maids do it so fast? When you clean, it seems like you need twice the time to make the house look half as decent.

The secret is in the experience, tried-and-tested methods and skills that took years of training. We also use high-quality cleaning supplies which do not leave harmful odors and residue.

What does it mean if a cleaning service is bonded?

Why should you care if your cleaning service is insured and bonded? If your cleaning company has insurance, this means you will be financially protected if the cleaners happen to get hurt when cleaning your home. When your cleaning company is bonded, it is a guarantee that you will be compensated in case of any loss or damage to your property and your belongings during the cleaning.

Which Ohio areas do you serve besides Dublin?

We are available for house cleaning in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the area. You can rely on us when you need the assistance of professional maids in Upper Arlington, Dublin or any other neighboring community. We can optimize our service to suit your specific needs, be it recurring cleaning service in Hilliard, one-time cleaning service in Westerville or customized house cleaning in Worthington.