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We put our expertise at your service

Everyone on our team is a competent house cleaning professional, committed to delivering quality service that puts a smile on your face. We know that no two homes are the same, which is why we will customize the service to your own Hilliard home with attention to detail.

We are also a client-oriented service that’s easy to communicate with and open to your feedback. Here at Olentangy Maids, we strive to make things simple, easy and convenient for you.

It’s really simple.







Driven by your satisfaction

In an effort to provide premium cleaning service, we strive to clean every nook and cranny of your home. But if we happen to miss a spot or you find the end-results underwhelming in any way, let us know so we can take action and fix what’s wrong. We’ll try to send you a cleaner for a re-clean of the area in question within 48 hours or less. Our customer service is at your disposal if you have any other questions or input.

Earning your trust is our reward

I hired Olentangy Maids last second to clean my house before my family came for the weekend. The lady who answered the phone, I think Roxanne, was helpful in helping me with a quote. I was surprised they had such short notice availability! I went with the Deep Clean service and I’m glad I did. The two ladies they sent gave me a call before they came and were pleasantly friendly. Before they finished cleaning they asked me to check their work over before they left in case anything needed to be redone. They did a seriously thorough clean in only a couple of hours!

Wolfe B.

After doing a lot of calling around I decided to book! My mom lives in Columbus, OH and from my last visit I knew she needed a bit of help taking care of her house. I really liked that they background check their cleaners. It was easier to sell my mom an established company rather than some fly by night individual who could be risky. Since I’m paying for the service it’s also convenient to have the recurring payment just go to my credit card. The same two ladies always clean and I know she really enjoys their work. They did her move out clean as well as the move in clean to her new condo. Thank you Debbie and Elise!

Carmen S.

OK I’m really happy with these guys so far. I live downtown and wanted someone to come twice a month while I was at work. After using a few cleaning services in Columbus, I’m sticking with these guys for their ease of use. I can pay, manage my appointments, and give feedback all online. Every time I come home everything looks great! No complaints here.

Mike H.

Top-notch maids in Hilliard, Ohio will not let you down

Your home can be spotless every day with our peerless maids at your beck and call.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a maid in Hilliard, Ohio?

If you feel like you have too much on your plate, so much so that you suspect chronic sleep deprivation, it’s probably best to shoot us a call. Give our maid service a try and discover the transformative power of professional house cleaning that’s efficient and effective. We offer quick and simple booking and quick and simple service. All you need to do is make plans for all the free time you didn’t have before. Well how about a visit to Hilliard’s one-of-a-kind Early Television Museum?

How often should a cleaner come?

Although it depends on the type and size of your home and the specificities of your household, the usual recommendation is to have professional cleaners come in every two weeks, that is, on a bi-weekly basis. From our experience and our clients’ feedback, this is the optimal cleaning schedule for a typical household if you’re looking to avoid having to do detailed cleaning in the meantime.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

When it comes to in-depth house cleaning, there are no clear-cut rules in terms of frequency. Ideally, a deep clean should be done every three months or so with maintenance done on a regular basis in the meantime. Here at Olentangy Maids, we definitely recommend booking a deep clean if you’re booking our cleaning service for the first time, so you can make sure your home is thoroughly clean to begin with.

What does maid service include?

Once you schedule our cleaning service and we show up at your Hilliard home, we’ll conduct a quick walk-through inspection of your home so as to see if we should make any tweaks to our standard cleaning checklist.

Which areas do you serve here in Ohio besides Hilliard?

As one of the most sought-after cleaning companies in Columbus, Ohio, we aim to cater to the house cleaning needs of the entire surrounding community. Rely on us for weekly cleaning in Dublin, bi-weekly cleaning in Upper Arlington or one-time cleaning service in your Westerville home. Whether you need a dependable maid service in Worthington for a major upcoming event you’re hosting or just want to find reliable maids for recurrent house cleaning here in HIlliard, we are the go-to place.