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Here at Olentangy Maids, we aim at delivering comprehensive, quality house cleaning services at competitive prices. Our team of professional house cleaners always follows a detailed checklist when cleaning your home while also enabling you to customize your service by choosing specific task add-ons.

Our pricing model is fully transparent and doesn’t hide any additional costs. We also offer special discounts for regular cleanings and enable you to get a quote before making an appointment. Have full confidence in the cleaning you book with us!

Things we cannot do

There are some items we unfortunately cannot help with:

  • Wall cleaning (please call us to discuss if you need some spot cleaning)
  • Blood, any type of feces or pet stains/droppings
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Laundry

Every Room

ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Empty Trash Cans
Vacuum Carpet
Sweep & Mop Floors
Clean Mirrors
Dust Accessible Surfaces
Cobweb Removal
Baseboard Detail
Detail Doors/Frames
Wipe Ceiling Fans
Excessive Grime/Pet Hair Removal
Clean Light Switches
Dust Blinds


ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Stove Top
Wipe Large Appliance Exteriors
Clean Microwave
Fill & Run Dishwasher


ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Scrub & clean toilets
Scrub & clean showers
Scrub & clean sinks

Living Areas

ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Dust Furniture & Decorations
Make Up Bed
Vacuum Furniture

Add Ons

ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Interior Windows25/4525/45
Inside Oven2020
Inside Refrigerator2020
Finished Basement4545
Load of Laundry1515
Inside Kitchen Cabinets2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for cleaning a house?

Olentangy Maids has a transparent pricing model that’s based on fixed fees and determined by the scope of the service booked. In general, we differentiate between two types of cleaning service:

  • Spruce-up service that entails some general cleaning tasks
  • Deep clean service that’s more comprehensive in nature

Additionally, we enable our clients to schedule a tailored cleaning package by including extra tasks. These service add-ons are charged separately depending on which ones you choose. Nonetheless, we will never include some hidden costs because we believe in providing a transparent cleaning service across the Columbus area and establishing an honest relationship with our clients.

How much does it cost to deep clean a house?

Our deep cleaning service is detailed and designed to tackle even hidden or out-of-reach areas in your home. It’s more extensive than our regular cleaning service, which is why it costs a bit more. Once you fill in our booking form, you will receive an estimate of the total cost of your deep cleaning.

However, it’s important to mention that the cost will be determined by:

  • The size of your home. Cleaning a two-bedroom apartment with one bathroom will typically be more affordable than cleaning a five-bedroom house with two bathrooms.
  • The frequency of service. If you schedule a regular deep cleaning, you can receive a discount. For instance, if you want us to give your home a thorough scrub every month, you’ll get 10% off.
  • The service add-ons. If you want to include an additional cleaning task such as cleaning your basement, the cost will be added to your deep clean price.

How do I pay a cleaner?

With Olentangy Maids, you have the convenience of safe online payments. We always charge our clients after the cleaning via our secure payment system. We accept all major credit and debit cards and ensure the complete safety of our clients’ personal information.

However, if you prefer a different payment method, feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss your options. We may also offer hourly pricing if you prefer it over fixed pricing. For more information on our services, feel free to explore our FAQ section. Contact us today & schedule a cleaning service that puts your needs first!