7 Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Home

7 Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Home


Cleaning. From a young age, you were told to clean your room before you could watch television or play with your friends. Perhaps you dreaded the daily reminder from your mom or dad to pick up your toys, to put your clothes in the hamper and that it was your turn to vacuum.


Now, maybe cleaning your home still feels like a chore. You know it’s something you should do but you can’t always find the motivation to grab the vacuum, use some paper towels and regularly clean your home.


But engaging in a regular routine of cleaning your space comes with many benefits to help you and your family live healthier lives.


Here, we share 7 benefits you can experience in regularly cleaning your home in Columbus, OH.


  1. Stay Healthy


We’ll start with the most obvious. When you work on cleaning those common household surfaces, you reduce the chances of your family getting sick. By using disinfectant on a daily or regular basis on counters, the kitchen table and other heavily-used areas, you can keep your family from harmful germs and bacteria that can build up in a short amount of time.


Not only does regular cleaning reduce germs and bacteria, it also keeps rodents, bugs and other unwelcome creatures from joining you at home. Picking up leftover food, snatching crumbs before they get lost in furniture and taking out the trash will leave unwanted creatures uninterested in what your home has to offer.


Keeping your home (mostly) dust-free also helps to reduce allergies and other harmful conditions. A clean home is a healthy home.


  1. De-Stress


Have you ever tried to live and work in a cluttered and messy environment? Chances are, you struggled to focus on the task at hand. You try and work only to get distracted by the piles of clothes that have yet to be folded or the stack of dishes you’ve forgotten to wash, again. A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind.


But instilling a regular cleaning practice into your schedule can help reduce your stress and help you be more productive.


According to an article from A Mess Free Life, having a clean living space improves your thinking and helps you to de-stress. While you may come home from a busy day at work or running errands, you can step into a home that brings about peace and comfort.


Chaotic environments often breeds chaos. Control that chaos by regularly cleaning your home and keeping things in their place. Not only does the end result of a clean home reduce stress, the actual act of cleaning, organizing and maintaining your home can also bring about stress-relief as well.


  1. Always Be Prepared For the Unexpected


Imagine getting a phone call from your in-laws. They’re coming for a surprise visit to see you and their grandkids. And they’ll be there in a half hour.


Now, if you didn’t have a regular cleaning routine, you might fall into somewhat of a panic and rush to get as much of your house clean as possible. You might be throwing coats, toys and unwashed laundry into closets to be hidden from plain view.


However, if you engage in a regular cleaning of your home, your house is ready to go for whatever comes your way. You just disinfected the kitchen counter after preparing lunch. Your kids picked up their toys after they finished playing. You vacuumed the guest room just a few days ago. Bring on the in-laws; you’re ready to go.


When you clean regularly, you’re prepared for the unexpected visit, whenever and whoever may be coming. You can rest at ease knowing that whether your friend drops by for a cup of coffee or your in-laws are staying for a week, you’re house is already in tip-top shape.


  1. Find Your Things Easily


It’s easy to lose things when your house is a mess. Your car keys may be in one spot. Your house keys in another. And now for the life of you you can’t figure out where you left your glasses (which are resting on top of your head).


When you have a regular practice of cleaning your home, you’re more able to find what you need, when you need it. When everything has a place and everything is in that place, you can know exactly where you put your keys, wallet, glasses and any other things you need at a moment’s notice.


Such ability to find your essentials also reduces the stress of having to remember where you’ve put everything. Relax and be at ease in a home that’s clean and orderly.


  1. Stay Active


With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to fit in physical activity on a daily basis. But, regularly cleaning your home provides you the opportunity to get your heart rate up, use those muscles and get a little exercise into your day.


Grab your vacuum and see how fast your can clean all the carpets. Use a rag and work those arm muscles to clean your kitchen floor. Race to see how fast you can disinfect the bathroom counters.


With a regular routine of cleaning your home, whether big or small, provides a great opportunity to get your heart rate up. Find out new ways you can multitask by improving your home and your health.


  1. Save Time


When you choose to clean on a regular basis, you can do just a little bit each day. Otherwise, when you get to the point of company coming over or an infestation of bugs, you may spend hours and hours trying to clean everything at once. Such practice can get very tiring and overwhelming. If you ever do feel like you need an outside hand, you can contact us if you need a cleaning service in Columbus, OH.


When you clean a little each day to maintain a clean home, you won’t have to spend those hours upon hours trying to clean everything.



  1. Feel Good About Yourself


With benefits like de-stressing, being healthier and exercising, regularly cleaning your home can make you feel better about yourself overall. Maintaining a clean home provides a sense of accomplishment that can boost your self-esteem.


In a clean home, you can feel you’ve conquered those messes and have control over the organization of your life. This also makes it easier to actually relax and rest during your free time, when you don’t have to worry about the messes that you should get to cleaning. Do something for you and start regularly cleaning your home.




Keeping a clean home doesn’t have to be a chore. With a range of benefits that support the health of both you and your family, regularly cleaning your home can be a practice in self-care. Start planning your cleaning schedule and start feeling the benefits today!

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