Four of the Best Ways to Clean Your Home With Pets

Four of the Best Ways to Clean Your Home With Pets


Your pet is a member of your family. Your dog is there to cuddle up while watching a movie or run around with in playing fetch. Your pet may just be your best friend.


But when it comes to keeping your house spic and span, your pet may not always agree. While you love them, you may not love their messy habits. With the shedding, the having to go outside and their wet noses pressed up against the windows, you may feel like a mess follows your k-9 friend.


Thankfully, there are some easy tips to help keep your home clean when your dog creates a constant mess! And short of beginning to look for cleaning services in Columbus Ohio, there are ways you can prepare and prevent having to follow your dog around with a cleaning rag!


Here, we share four of those important tips to clean your home with pets.


  1. Containing the Hair


You take care of your pet’s coat. From frequently brushing it to using shampoo and conditioner on a far too frequent basis, you do your best to keep your pet’s coat smooth and sleek.


But when you start finding such smooth hair all over your house, your appreciation for their coat may decrease.


An article from Martha Stewart suggests to lay out an old towel wherever your dear pet loves to lay around. When they lay on the towel, rather than directly on your sofa, bed or carpet, their shedded hair will leave off on the towel. All you have to do to clean up is shake out the towel outside and throw it in the wash.


To prevent excessive shedding, keeping proper care of your pet goes a long way. Regularly brushing your pet can get rid of that excess fur. And, when you have a spot where you brush them, you can control where the hair goes and can clean up more efficiently.


When you find that you’ve got dog hair on you – from petting or curling up with your pet, or even just from the wash – there are ways you can get it picked up fast. An article from Martha Stewart suggests to use a tape roller to pick up those loose hairs you don’t want on you.


For hair on furniture, use a hand vacuum to spot clean where you see collections of unwanted hair.


  1. Stop the Dirt


If your dog, or pet, is like most, he or she loves to be outside in rain or sun. They like to run around and play and explore whatever they can.


But sometimes that exploring can make your pet’s precious paws awfully muddy. You can’t prevent all that your pet tracks into the house, but there are some easy steps you can take to minimize those unwelcome messes.


An article from Clean and Scentsible suggests to keep mats in front of the doors that your pet goes in and out of. You can also keep a bucket of shallow water to make it easier to clean up those really muddy paws. Train your dog to wait on the mats before moving on into the house. Then, use a towel to get their paws sparky clean before running around your clean home once again.


This practice can be very useful in all season and whatever your dog is up to. Whether it’s just a simple stroll in the summer or running around in the mud with their fellow K-9 friends, keeping a bucket of water and a towel to clean their paws will keep your home clean.


  1. Add some fresh scents


Even when you bathe and take care of your pet regularly, there’s still a smell that comes with having a pet.


Rather than masking their smell with home sprays and cleaning products, an article from Clean and Scentsible suggests other options. She writes to try lighting candles or using essential oils to improve the smell of your home.


Don’t just try to cover up the smell. That solution may work in the moment, but the odor of your pet remains. Add some fresh scents that don’t just cover up but change the overall aroma of your home.


  1. Smudges on windows


When you’re on your way home, or if there’s something interesting going on outside, your pet may eagerly rush to the window to observe what’s happening. While seeing their face pressed up against the window is surely an adorable sight, it also means there’s smudges on the windows.


While you could pull out a bottle of chemicals from the store to clean your windows, there are other, more environmentally-friendly ways, to clean your windows. For example, you can get your windows sparkly clean with using a solution of one part vinegar to one part water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and wipe away those annoying smudges.


Love Your Pet, And Your Home


With these easy and quick cleaning tips, you don’t have to choose between loving your pet and taking care of your clean home.


Spend time with your pet and not worry about keeping your home clean. Use these easy steps to enjoy your pet and your home, today.


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