Keep Your Home Green

Keep Your Home Green

Keeping your home clean and green has never been more important than now. Modern technology has created a fantastic new way of life. It has also damaged the planet in ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

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Owning a house in Columbus Ohio, it’s easy to get caught up in some more progressive ideas, especially when it comes to my family’s health. The main focus of keeping your home clean and green should be on you and anyone who lives with you. There are many benefits of using green cleaning products when cleaning your home. This applies both to the home and those living within it. Here are a few of the more important reasons:


  • Green Cleaning Products are Beneficial to Your Health – Many artificially produced cleaning products have chemicals and other harmful additives which can affect the health of all who live in your home. These products may not give you any trouble initially and they tend to be more convenient than green products. However, in the long run, they can cause issues such as asthma, dry skin, and many other problems. Green products have the advantage of being 100% Eco-friendly meaning they will not have any negative side effects.


  • The Effects of Green Cleaning Products Last Longer – Green products are designed for long and effective use. They may take longer to use than some other products but the extra effort will be rewarded by a house that remains clean longer. Artificial cleaning products tend to work fast as well as disappear fast. Within mere days you will need to use it again. Green products can last for weeks at a time, relieving that unnecessary stress that you feel when you notice your house condition deteriorating again.

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  • Green Cleaning Products Can Save You Money – Have you noticed how expensive cleaning products have become? These days you need to budget far more to clean up your home. It is true that green cleaning products appear to be more expensive than others. There are two main reasons that counteract this thought, however. The first is that green cleaning products are literally lying all around your home as you read this. Products such as vinegar, for example, can be used to clean floors and other surfaces just as efficiently as bought cleaning products. The other reason is the concentration difference. Green cleaning products may be more expensive, but you do not need to use as much of it in your cleaning solution as other products. Sometimes even a couple of tablespoons mixed in the water solution is enough to last you for weeks.


  • Green Cleaning Products Are Safer for Pets and Babies – The common cleaning products used today have toxic properties that can be extremely harmful to infants and pets. If your pet dog was to find and tear through a cleaning product container he may get very sick or even die. The same threat goes for babies. A baby’s immune system is not fully developed and makes them more susceptible to the toxins in these products. Using green products removes this threat and allows you the peace of mind that nothing in your home could be a danger to those around you.


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Benefits You Receive From Using Green Cleaning Products


The most obvious benefit of using green cleaning products is that your house will remain squeaky clean all year round. You won’t find any residual damage from toxins if you use nothing but green cleaning products.


Your plates and utensils will all benefit as well. Many people are unaware that when they wash plates and utensils with artificial cleaning products some of the toxins remain. This can cause you and others in your home to feel ill every once in a while when the layer of toxic material gets introduced into your stomach and absorbed through your system.


In short, using green home cleaning products will protect your home and those you love from damage and sickness. You won’t need to worry about dirty surfaces or water ever again.



Benefits the World Receives When We Use Green Cleaning Products


Green cleaning products are far more useful than other cleaning products. They are completely natural and do not require the use of any factory or human involvement. This means that using green cleaning products will reduce the need for people to work. Instead of building factories which further pollute the planet, people can simply use what nature has already given them.


The main advantage the world receives is the lack of toxins. Humans have created so many products designed to make life easier when we already had things which work better. Human advancement is fantastic, but the residents of this planet, us, need to be focused on protecting the environment as well.


The benefits of using green home cleaning products far outweigh the extra effort involved. This is why we at Olentangy Maids in Columbus, Oh offer it as a service! The question now is, will you be one of the first to make the change and protect those you love? I know I will!



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